High cholesterol and Alzheimer's

High cholesterol and Alzheimer'sThe elderly and middle-aged with high cholesterol would have greater possibility that they form the brain protein deposits associated with Alzheimer’s. The results do not prove that high cholesterol is a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease, researchers said.

However, opening the possibility that help keep cholesterol under control, over the years, preventing the brain plaques in the future, said Dr. Kensuke Sasaki, Kyushu University, Japan, who participated in the study. That would also affect the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

The authors examined brain tissue at autopsy study of 147 Japanese adults who died between 1998 and 2003. A third had been diagnosed with dementia before dying. All patients had controlled cholesterol in 1988, when they were between 40 and 79, and had no symptoms of dementia.
The team found that the “plates” brain (abnormal deposits that form between nerve cells) were more common in the fourth of people with higher cholesterol levels in 1988. In this group, 85 percent of those with 5.8 mmol / L of cholesterol (about 224 mg / dL) or more plaques had developed, according to autopsy results, compared with 62 percent of those with lower levels (186 mg / dL or less) of total cholesterol at baseline.
The team then considered other factors associated with Alzheimer’s, such as age, having had a stroke or carry a genetic variation associated with evil. Found that those who showed higher levels of cholesterol were almost 25 times more likely to have brain plaque than those with low cholesterol, according to autopsy results.
It is unknown why cholesterol would be associated with Alzheimer’s and now the brain plaques. But Constantine Lyketsos, responsible for Memory and Alzheimer’s Treatment Center, the Johns Hopkins University, and was not involved in the study, said what he believes to be the major possibility: that cholesterol is a sign of vascular disease generally affects the brain.
This study considered Lyketsos, provides direct evidence to analyze two biological measures: levels of blood cholesterol and the amount of plaque in the brain.
Alzheimer’s affects 26 million people in the world and experts estimate that as the population ages, the number could reach 66 million by 2030. In general, experts recommend that people control their cholesterol at a healthy weight, exercise, dietary changes and, if necessary, medication.
The desired level of total cholesterol below 200 mg / dL to reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

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It is a myth that stroke only happens to old people. It is a myth that young people are safe from stroke. But, it is not a myth that you need to do your best to solve high cholesterol problem to lower the risk of stroke, heart attack and other disease related to high bad cholesterol.

Tips on how to lower cholesterol are by changing your life style. The way you eat, the way you spend your time with physical activity. The good news is the struggle to fight high cholesterol not as difficult as before. Modern medication has found advanced way to lower bad cholesterol level in short time. The medication is tremendous invention to reduce the risk of diseases caused by high HDL, the bad cholesterol. Best medicine will work best when you know how to support it. Just like how you could faster the curing from flu or coughing by keeping your self warm, get enough rest and having good nutrition, cholesterol medication should combine with healthy living.

The website of lowercholesterol.org is a good resource for best cholesterol medication or supplement. It is recommended that you do routine exercise, being smart with fatty food, go natural for your food instead of having lots of processed food. Start immediately to live healthy. It might be difficult to wake up earlier in the morning to make 30 minutes walking or run, but remember when your body has been familiar with the new schedule; it will be automatic after sometimes. You may find that it is addicted to do morning walk or night run after 3 months.

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If you have checked your blood in laboratory and the doctor have diagnosed that you got high cholesterol, you don’t have to be panic. Even though, it is common thing that high cholesterol is one of the factor that caused blockade on blood vessel. But there are ways to lower that cholesterol level.

High cholesterol levels that experience by many people can be lower by doing several ways. First is quit smoking. It is scientific proof that people who smoke have higher risk of heart attack. The more you smoke the higher risk of heart attack. Heart attack can occur due to blocking made by cholesterol in the artery. Second is to start diet. Limit the portion of food and select the sort.

Choose only healthy food, such as vegetables, fruits, fish, whole wheat bread and grain and olive oil. Third is quit drinking alcohol. The more alcohol is consumed the more LDL or bad cholesterol will be existed in body. LDL will lead to cardiovascular. Forth is doing regular exercises. These exercises can lower the LDL and crush that fat and blood coagulate. Fifth is to keep away of getting obesity. The fat around stomach is indicating the high level of cholesterol and fat.

Final way is to take medication, if those other ways cannot work to lower cholesterol level. Certain medication can instantly lower it.