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Causes Of TinnitusThere are a variety of conditions or diseases that could eventually trigger tinnitus. Examples include a plug of earwax, ear infection, and less frequently a tumor on the auditory nerve. But still, no precise cause has a fully explain the presentation of tinnitus.

Certain medications such as Aspirin, Quinine or some antibiotics can contribute to cause tinnitus as a side effect.

The simple natural process of aging, which results in deterioration of the cochlea and / or other structures of the ear ends in tinnitus.

There are certain otologic diseases such as Meniere’s disease, which affects the inner ear (comes with vertigo, hearing loss, aural fullness) and otosclerosis (commitment of the middle ear bones) are associated with tinnitus.

Other medical conditions in which case the presentation of tinnitus are: hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, anemia, hypothyroidism. If these conditions are able to be treated, this can also help in curing the tinnitus. Some people find that these treatments can be expensive, may find that they qualify to make a claim. On the other hand, when the tinnitus is not associated with another condition, such treatments will not be effective or necessary. There are, however, a number of treatment options that target tinnitus specifically, which would be more appropriate.

The most common cause associated with long-term tinnitus is exposure to loud noise or high pitch. The noise causes permanent damage to the cells of the cochlea, which are sensitive to sound and are located in the inner ear in a snail-shaped structure. Simple exposure to a sudden extremely loud noise can cause tinnitus.

It takes into account other factors that aggravate the tinnitus as alcohol, tobacco, dark drinks with caffeine, anxiety, stress, and concerns.

According to the above the tinnitus is not associated with serious abnormalities, however, consult to try to detect the root cause for the assessment and physical examination performed by an otolaryngologist or otologist, audiological and radiological imaging studies to rule out structural alterations .

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