The left hemisphere is the logical part of the brain

The left hemisphere is the logical part of the brain Learn, reason, deduce … all are functions of the left hemisphere. The intellectual brain is related to the verbal. Logical intelligence.

Neurology .- The left brain is associated with logic, reason and scientific thought of a person, where information processing to transform it into words becomes the specialty of this “logical hemisphere.” There are several left-brain functions, including control of mathematics, logic, speech, writing, numbering … Common sense rules in people with dominance of this hemisphere.
What is responsible for the left hemisphere of the human brain?

The left brain, by analysis and logic-is responsible for processing the information to transform it into words. His specialty is to produce and understand speech sounds.

This part of the brain is related to the verbal, there are two structures associated with the development of language ability:

Broca’s area. This area deals with the speech, its analysis and understanding of language.
Wernicke’s area. Another important area related to language and is connected to Broca’s area through a bundle of nerve fibers.

As early as 1878 John Hughlings Jackson, British neurologist described the left hemisphere as “the center of the faculty of speech.”

Functions of the left hemisphere

While the right hemisphere of the brain is related to non-verbal expression, is more emotional, sensitive, intuitive and coordinates the left side of the body, the left uses the analysis, mathematics, logic, reasoning, and controls the coordination of right side of the human body. The functions of the left hemisphere human brain based on control:

Spoken language (spoken language).
The written language.
Scientific thinking (scientific skills).
The reasoning (logical reasoning).
The ability to learn.
The deduction.
The numeracy.
The logic grammar.

One can say that the two hemispheres of the brain , the left is analytical and sequential ie the “brain drain” or “logical hemisphere.”
How are the people who use more than the left hemisphere?

In right-handed people the left hemisphere is dominant and they use more dialectic and common sense.

Use the logical process and tend to reason everything point by point.
Before making a decision or, predominantly people of this hemisphere are well informed about it. Sometimes fail to know what they want for reasons too.
They are intellectual people , analytical and very detailed.
Understand everything based on logical principles.

It is the logical hemisphere and understands that thinks in words and numbers. He is in charge of seeking an explanation.