Neuro Helath Care

It is a myth that stroke only happens to old people. It is a myth that young people are safe from stroke. But, it is not a myth that you need to do your best to solve high cholesterol problem to lower the risk of stroke, heart attack and other disease related to high bad cholesterol.

Tips on how to lower cholesterol are by changing your life style. The way you eat, the way you spend your time with physical activity. The good news is the struggle to fight high cholesterol not as difficult as before. Modern medication has found advanced way to lower bad cholesterol level in short time. The medication is tremendous invention to reduce the risk of diseases caused by high HDL, the bad cholesterol. Best medicine will work best when you know how to support it. Just like how you could faster the curing from flu or coughing by keeping your self warm, get enough rest and having good nutrition, cholesterol medication should combine with healthy living.

The website of is a good resource for best cholesterol medication or supplement. It is recommended that you do routine exercise, being smart with fatty food, go natural for your food instead of having lots of processed food. Start immediately to live healthy. It might be difficult to wake up earlier in the morning to make 30 minutes walking or run, but remember when your body has been familiar with the new schedule; it will be automatic after sometimes. You may find that it is addicted to do morning walk or night run after 3 months.